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R.H | ON | 2017-01-20

We have known Frank Viau from previous purchase and are extremely glad to have made the Land Rover purchase from him. His services and enthusiasm in getting us the right vehicle, without putting pressures, was really a show of true professionalism. He greeted us personally but served us professionally. Thank you so much Frank, you have leave us with an excellent impression of your dealership. My wife and I are looking forward to receive the same level of service from your Service Department.

Roch Charron | Québec | 2018-04-12

Of the 20 cars or so that I bought, including Acura, BMW, Mercedes and Lotus, my buying experience of a Jaguar at the Ottawa deleaship has been the most pleasant. Thang Nguyen gave me the best possible advices for me to choose the right car. He truly has an incredible knowledge of the Jaguar Land rover products. He worked very hard with Jason Winters, the sales manager, to make it happen for me. I am very happy with my Jaguar XE 3.5l prestige, the car beeing fun whether in the winter or summer! Roch Charron Gatineau

N.M | ON | 2017-01-17

Bijan was truly one of, if not the best car salesmen I've ever encountered. Very empathetic to our needs, not overbearing, and his genuine personality won us over and allowed us to form a trustworthy relationship. Others should learn from him. Some would argue -- he's too nice. Well, he managed to up-sell us from our original purchase and we ended up loving the Discovery! Thank you Bijan!

D.G | ON | 2016-12-13

Silvio, the sales representative at Land Rover [Jaguar] Ottawa gave us the best sales experience ever till date on any purchase of the vehicle.

N.L | ON | 2017-01-10

Our experience was exceptional. Throughout, we have maintained contact with both our salesman and have also made the effort to greet the sale manager when we are around the dealership. Both Thang and Dan have gone beyond a sales team, and Nadine and I consider them as friends.

J | ON | 2017-01-10

Our sales person Ian was fantastic - amazing actually.

L.V | ON | 2017-01-10

Always wonderful service from the Land Rover Dealership in Ottawa. Thank you!

J.M | ON | 2016-12-13

Truly the most exceptional experience I have ever received when buying a vehicle. Mark & Bijan truly exceeded any level of service I could have expected. The time they took out of their day to explain the features of the vehicle was amazing. I have already told everyone I've seen and will continue to sing the Land Rover Ottawa dealerships praises. Thank you Mark & Bijan!

R.R | ON | 2016-12-13

Dan Vanasse has always been courteous with me. Dan provides exceptional service and is a pleasure to deal with.

S.S | ON | 2016-12-05

Exceptional service. Thanks for the brand new Jag loaner.

R.S | ON | 2016-11-23

I love my Range Rover and wouldn't ever trade for any other car except upgrade it. Overall the whole dealership is amazing and people are very respectable of their clients.

A.D | ON | 2016-06-13

The young man Dan made all the difference , you are fortunate to have an employee of this clarble.

P.T | ON | 2016-11-23

My salesman Silvio Ndorere was a pleasure to deal with and did an exceptional job in every aspect.

M.F | ON | 2016-07-11

Dan Vanasse was most helpful.

L.J | ON | 2016-07-11

Dan is a "truly exceptional" young man. In my 83years I have never come across anyone like him. He does his job perfectly and is ready for more responsibility for future executive position in business or politics. My son got 117 percent out of 100 from a "Secret Shopper" for going beyond what was expected. In my opinion Dan would score "Way" beyond that! I could go on and on -- next time LMJ

T.A | ON | 2016-07-12

Our agent Bijan gave us exceptional service!

K.G | ON | 2016-07-12

We had shopped at two Ottawa Mercedes dealerships, a BMW and an Audi dealership. Jaguar was the best service by far. Here are a list of things Ian did that none of the others did: he did the research to get us a trade in on our Shelby( the others wanted us to sell it first because it's a specialty car). Ian worked with his boss to get us pricing that we were happy with, Ian was very thorough on the Jaguar and dealership promotions, Ian was timely and able to put the sale together in a three day time frame( the others were all 5 days plus) and Ian delivered our new car to our home when I told him I had knee surgery and couldn't drive the standard transmission of the Shelby to bring trade. Ian was very thorough explaining all the features of the car and in helping me set up the Incontrol app. To summarize Ian made the buying experience easy, enjoyable and worry free. When the one comes to replace our SUV we will make this dealership our first place to shop.

K.S | ON | 2016-06-13

Exceptional service, A+.

A.G | ON | 2016-05-30

The best experience yet......fully satisfied - well done.

D.B.A | ON | 2016-06-06

As always, Jaguar treated me and my car with utmost courtesy and care. Thank you very much.

M.A | ON | 2016-05-02

Carlo gives excellent service. Jaguar service is much more superior than average. Keep up the good work!

D.G | ON | 2016-04-07

It was the best Car buying experience i had in my recent past.

S.S | ON | 2016-04-06

Service Team Review: Thanks very much to Carlo and Jason and the service team.

J.K | ON | 2016-03-28

I don't normally write reviews, but I felt it was necessary on the exceptional experience I had
with Land Rover of Ottawa. In particular, Bijan Sanei (Sales) was very courteous, knowledgeable, and made it a pleasant buying experience. My first experience at Land Rover of Ottawa was nothing short of superb. Bijan Sanei took his time to ensure that we were looking at the right vehicles for me,
without pushing me to make a decision. He got me the car of my dreams. I am extremely happy with my new 2016 LR4!

J.K | ON | 2016-03-28

So far my experiences with Land Rover Ottawa have been better than any other dealership that I have bought a vehicle from.